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The Usti nad Labem Zoo is surprisingly large and modern for a city of just under 100,000 inhabitants. There are very many of the important animals of the world to see. The majority of the enclosures are large and modern. The entrance fee, under 5 euros for adults, is pleasantly low. The zoo of Aussig on the Elbe (old German name of Usti nad Labem) is an interesting destination, especially with children.

The Usti nad Labem Zoo is less than 2 kilometers from the city center. Very frequent buses bring many zoo visitors to the zoo for under one euro from the city center as well as from the main train station in Aussig.

What is there to see in the Usti and Labem Zoo?

The zoo is surprisingly large. It is built on a slope, similar to the Prague Zoo and the Pilsen Zoo. Thus, some paths in the zoo are a bit steep, but doable. In addition, there is a frequent train through the zoo of Aussig, which brings visitors from the bottom to the top.

We really liked the large enclosure with elephants. Also the giraffes next door have a new home with large run together with large antelopes.

In some houses in the Usti Zoo you can find, among others, crocodiles, some species of snakes such as boas and pythons, large turtles, giant lizards and piranhas.

Among the predators are zoo classics such as cheetahs, Amur leopards, tigers and lions. Some bear species, such as black bears and brown bears, can also be found in the Usti Zoo. Very nice is the enclosure with a large herd of zebras. Also some species of monkeys like orangutans live in the zoo of Usti nad Labem. Sloths, donkeys and ponies are other larger animals. Many children love the seals. These are just a few examples of animal species at the zoo in Aussig, there is much more to see. It takes several hours to see everything.

There is also a petting zoo for children and several great playgrounds. Many benches with tables, some under trees in the shade, invite you to rest.

Gastronomy in the Usti nad Labem Zoo

We also liked the cafes, snack bars and restaurants in the zoo. At several places in the zoo there are vending machines with mineral water, cola, etc. for under one euro. Not much more expensive are the drinks in the cafes and restaurants. There are also some snacks like hot sausages, etc. We also liked the soft ice cream (vanilla with strawberry sauce), also only about one euro.

Our impression

Visiting the zoo of Usti nad Labem is a great idea for a day trip from Dresden or other nearby places in Saxony. It takes just over an hour to get to Usti from Dresden by train, and not much longer by car. It is a full-fledged zoo similar to a medium-sized zoo in Germany.

Too bad we catch that almost all descriptions of the animals in the zoo of Usti nad Labem are only in Czech. Also, according to our impression, the staff at the zoo ticket office and in the restaurants speaks only Czech. However, with the small, free zoo map that you get for free at the ticket office with the tickets, we found our way around well.

Some paths in the zoo are a bit steep and especially a problem for some older people. However, there are many walkways, including alternatives that are not as steep.

Most of the attractions at the Usti Zoo in the Czech Republic are outdoors, so visiting the zoo is more fun in good weather.

Entrance fees Usti nad Labem Zoo 2024

Since many zoos in Germany have become more and more expensive in recent years, the zoo of Aussig is an interesting alternative.

The entrance fee at the beginning of 2024 adults is 140 Czech crowns (about 4.90 euros). For children up to 15 years, pupils and students pays with even only 70 crowns (about 2.80 euros). Children under 3 years can enter the zoo without paying admission. In the zoo of Usti nad Labem there are also family tickets, 2 adults with children pay an entrance fee of 310 crowns (just under 12 euros). All ticket prices are from January 2022. The entrance fees to the zoo in Aussig in winter are even a bit cheaper (about 10 to 20%). Hardly any zoo in Europe of this size is probably so cheap, a real bargain. With children, the zoo of Usti is a great destination for a day trip from Saxony.

Opening hours Usti nad Labem Zoo 2024

As far as we know, the zoo of Usti is open every day of the year, only on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the zoo closes already at 2 pm.

Otherwise, the opening hours are daily in summer from 9 am to 7 pm, in winter from 9 am to 5 pm. In the transition months of March and October, it is open from 9 am to 6 pm. The ticket offices always close one hour earlier. However, you need at least 3 hours to visit the zoo meaningfully, with breaks, playground visit and food significantly longer.

Feeding times zoo Usti nad Labem

Rare, but very interesting, is the feeding of the piranhas. It is only once a week and it is on Saturday at 12 o’clock.

The elephants get a run every day at 11 am, and at 2:30 pm there is a “practice hour” with the elephants.

The public feeding of the lemur monkeys in the Usti nad Labem Zoo takes place only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 11:30. The meerkats, on the other hand, get fed every day at 12:45. There are some other feeding times of other animal species.

How to get to the Usti nad Labem Zoo

You can walk to the zoo from the center and the main train station in about half an hour. However, the way is not very nice, along a wide city expressway. If you travel by public transport, you can take one of the very many buses to the zoo. These are trolley buses (bus lines with an overhead line, also called trolley buses).

The following city buses run between downtown Usti nad Labem, the main train station and the zoo: 51, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59.

You almost never have to wait long, rarely more than 5 minutes for the next bus. The bus stop is after the zoo. When you see the zoo on the left, you should press the stop request button on the bus.

A ticket costs 21 crowns (about 80 cents) easy, if you buy it at the machine. I paid 25 crowns at the driver, as there is no ticket machine at the zoo. (As of June 2017)

More info about the city

Overview of the sights in the city of Usti nad Labem.

The Forum shopping center in the center of the city

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