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The Museum of Senses is very popular among tourists. It is about human senses, optical illusions and so on.

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Entrance fees and tickets Museum-of-Senses Prague 2024

On site, an entrance ticket costs about 12 euros (300 crowns). Children between 5 and 15 pay 179 crowns (a little more than 7 euros), smaller children are free.

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Description Museum of Senses Prague

It is about the 6 senses of man, optical illusions and deception of the senses. For example, you see a forest where the water seems to flow upwards. In another room they seem to walk on the ceiling. In total, there are over 50 things. Reviews of the Museum of the Senses Prague are mostly very positive on the Internet. There is a lot for both children and adults. The Museum of Senses Prague is well worth a visit.

Opening hours Museum of the Senses Prague 2024

The museum with optical illusions and much more is open every day from 9 to 21 (easy to remember: 9 to 9).

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Directions Museum of Senses Prague

The Museum of Illusions is about 200 meters from the main train station in Prague, in the direction of the city center (Wenceslas Square).

The Jindřišská streetcar station is a good 50 meters away (many lines). Also, the street where the Prague Museum of the Senses is located is called Jindrisska.

There is also a similar museum in Vienna: click here

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