Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. No wonder, the city is also one of the most beautiful cities on our continent. Prague is sometimes called the “Golden City” or “Paris of the East”. Especially in the city centre and at the Prague Castle you will find many magnificent sights.

There are extremely many tourists coming to Prague, every year there are more. The largest group of foreign visitors to Prague comes from Germany. There has been a strong increase in tourists from China and other Asian boom countries as well as from the USA. It is currently estimated that there are over 6 million city tourists in Prague per year, who stay an average of about 3 days. So on a normal day there are about 50.000 tourists in Prague, every day about 15.000 visitors arrive from abroad. In summer it is much more, in winter a little less.

Nevertheless, Prague is not expensive, even though the prices in the Old Town are more and more adapted to the wealthy tourists from abroad. Often, one does not pay more for a good meal in a suburb than for a drink in the tourist old town (about 3-5 euros). For many locals, however, this is not inexpensive, the majority of people in the Czech Republic still earn well under 1000 euros gross a month.

Why should I go to Prague?

There are many reasons to go to Prague. It is a beautiful and interesting city, which is not expensive. Moreover, the capital of the Czech Republic is not far away from Germany and Austria.

Many tourists also come to Prague for shopping. Shopping in Prague is very popular, you will find more bargains than in Western Europe. In the capital of the Czech Republic, however, there are also noble promenades with expensive luxury shops.

Many also come to town for the nightlife. Where else in Europe can you get a big beer for less than 1.50 euros in a pub? For example, the many breweries in the city centre are well-known and popular. There are also countless nightclubs and discos. The Czech Republic is a very liberal country with many clubs and bars. Those who speak English will meet many interesting people at night.

The not so young tourists are more attracted to the traditional coffee houses and restaurants. Prague is still an excellent place to eat.

For the majority of holidaymakers in Prague, the focus of a trip to Prague is on visiting the great sights of the Golden City.

Which sights in Prague do I have to visit?

The important sights are mainly in the center on both sides of the Vltava River. On the eastern sides of the Vltava is the actual center of the city. The main tourist axis is from the Powder Tower (Prasna Brana) on Celetna Street west to the Old Town Square Prague (the main square of the Old Town of Prague) and further on Karlova Street to Charles Bridge. On the other side of the Vltava River, Prague Castle is the top attraction.

Among the absolute top sights are the Charles Bridge itself and the Jewish quarter with synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. Some areas in the new town are also very touristy in Prague. These include the famous Wenceslas Square and Charles Square.

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Old Town Square with Town Hall

Old town square (city centre)

The central square of the Old Town is considered one of the most beautiful city squares in Europe. The gigantic square has a size of almost one hectare (100 x 100 meters).

Around the Old Town Square of Prague you will find some important buildings like the Hussite Church, the Palais Kinsky and the Stone Bell House. By far the most important building is the beautiful Prague Town Hall with its high tower. The astronomical clock at the town hall is considered to be the most famous clock from the Gothic period and one of the top 10 clocks in the world.

Famous clock at the city hall

The Prague City Hall clock, as it is also called, was built in 1410 and is a masterpiece of technology. The clock shows not only the time, but also the position of the sun, the phases of the moon and much more. Another clock below is a kind of calendar with all days of the year.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge over the Vltava River is one of the most famous bridges in Europe. Only the Rialto Bridge in Venice and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence are probably better known bridges in Europe. It is a pedestrian bridge right in the centre. The bridge is one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe and dates from the 14th century.

Charles Bridge

There is always a lot going on on Charles Bridge, you can see many artists like painters or musicians. Most people on Charles Bridge in Prague today are tourists.

Prague Castle

Besides the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, Prague Castle is the third major monument in Prague. The “Pražský hrad” (Czech name of the castle) is the largest castle in the world. The castle of Prague, on a hill above the city centre, actually dates from the 9th century.

Prague Castle

However, it was fundamentally rebuilt several times. Parts of the Prague Castle cost admission. There is a variety of tickets and combination tickets.

Wenceslas Square

This square is the modern heart of Prague. The long and narrow Wenceslas Square Prague looks more like a wide street than a city square.

Wenceslas Square

At the 800 metres long square in Prague, one finds almost everything that one finds in the centre of a modern big city. Noble shops, international clothing chains, a McDonald’s, restaurants, bars, strip bars and much more. Wenceslas Square is the transition from the old town to the bustling new town of Prague.

Important: Jewish Quarter Josefov and Prague Card

Since things are quite difficult to understand, we recommend a good guided tour of the Jewish Josefov. This should be booked in advance on the Internet (duration about 2.5 hours), because the capacities are limited.   >>> Link with more info and booking

With the great Prague Card the entrance to the Jewish sights is free. The Prague Card is a tourist ticket with free entrance to many sights in Prague and more.   >>>  On this link you can get the Prague Card and more info.

Powder Tower

Another landmark and important sight of Prague is the 16th century powder tower on the Republic Square. The Powder Tower (Czech: Prasna brana) used to be an important city gate.
Powder Tower Prague

The old Jewish cemetery

The old Jewish cemetery Prague is perhaps the most famous Jewish cemetery in Europe and a top attraction of Prague. Most tourists visit the cemetery and the nearby synagogues in the northern Old Town.t.

Shopping Center Palladium

Of course, one can argue about whether one should list a modern shopping centre among the sightseeings of Prague. One thing is for sure, it is one of the most visited buildings of the city by tourists. The shopping centre Palladium is a modern complex that was built after the time of socialism. It is right in the centre of the city. The shopping centre with 200 shops symbolizes modern, western Prague like hardly any other building.

Prag Infos (deutsche Version dieser Webseite)