Beer in Prague: all tours, museums and sightseeing on the theme of beer

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Prague, like Munich or Pilsen, is a beer city. Hardly any city in Europe is so much connected with the hop juice as Prague. Many tourists come to Prague to learn more about beer and the beer city Prague. Meanwhile there are dozens of possibilities to learn more about beer in tours. There is also a great beer museum. In addition, you can visit the great Prague brewery. Pub tours and  beer tasting are also very popular. Below we have summarized some offers about beer in Prague. Of course, all tours and offers, where alcohol is drunk, are from 18 years.

The Beer Museum Prague

The Beer Museum is one of the top 10 museums in Prague. We have written a separate article about the interesting exhibition in the city center. You can find it here:

>>> Tickets Beer Museum Prague including 4 beer tastings and a bottle to take home

The Staropramen Brewery

Staropramen (translated Old Spring) is the largest brewery in Prague and the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic after the very large brewery in Pilsen. Staropramen is a large brewery in the Smichov district. Very interesting for tourists in a tour of the brewery. The brewery tour starts in the visitor center, you can book the tour on the Internet: >>> Link to booking brewery tour Staropramen and more info

The Strahov Monastery Brewery

This famous brewery is located in a monastery above the Lesser Town near Prague Castle. The Strahov monastery itself is a sight to see. Many visitors go to the monastery church and the famous old library. The interesting Museum of Miniatures Prague is also here. We recommend friends of beer to visit the brewery pub “Pivovar Strahov”. The 6 beers brewed in the brewery can be ordered here. In addition, there is good Czech food. We had a roast beef with dumplings for about 11 euros on New Year’s Day 2022.

Strahov’s main beer is the St. Norbert Amber Lager. The strong, fruity St. Norbert Amber Lager (6.3%) also tastes great. There is also the St. Norbert Anniversary Lager and the light Sv. Norbert Session Hazy IPA. In addition, two strong beers or bock beers. Very strong is the “St. Norbert One Last Beer” (10% alcohol !) and the seasonal St. Norbert Christmas Doppelbock (7.7%).

Great beer tasting for tourists

For many, a highlight in a trip to Prague is a  beer tasting. There is a long tradition of brewing beer in the Czech Republic, much like in Germany. There are several types of beers. During a beer tasting, you can try them all and the differences and peculiarities of the different types of beer are explained.

We really like the beer tasting that takes place every day in the center of Prague. You can book it on the internet, the explanations about the beers are given by an expert in English. You get 7 different beers to sample, plus a typical Czech cheese. In addition, there are explanations about the beer and you can ask many questions. Cheap tour, best reviews from participants, nice and informative guide. From our point of view one of the best tours in Prague!  >>> More info and booking beer tasting Prague

Pub crawls through Prague

A classic especially among young tourists in Prague are pub crawls. There are dozens of offers. You go with a city guide, who is specialized in pubs, through some pubs and get to know the Czech beer culture and pub culture. This also has the advantage that one knows some good pubs later. These are not so easy to find if you are not so familiar with Prague. Below are some links to good pub tours from different providers.

Offer 1: Visiting pubs, including dinner, 3 beers and a visit to the beer museum, 3 hours in total:  >>> More info and booking

Offer 2: Beer tour with 5 pubs, one beer included per pub. Well done and entertaining:  >>> More info and bookingg

Offer 3: Legendary pub crawl in the old town 2 pubs including dinner: >>> More info and booking

Offer 4: The famous Drunken Monkey beer tour, rather cheap, 2 hours free beer: >>> More info and booking

Offer 5: Great beer tasting in a pub with different types of beer Informative, inexpensive, 7 beers included, best reviews from participants: >>> More info and booking

Beer bath and beer spa

A funny thing is a bath in beer in a so-called beer spa. You bathe in beer and can drink as much as you want. This is also very popular as a gift among beer lovers, regulars and so on. For many participants the highlight of the trip to Prague.

Offer 1: >>> More info and booking beer bath or beer spa Prague

Offer 2: >>> More information and booking Beer-Bath or Beer-Spa Prague

With the beer bike through Prague

Many may have seen this in Germany. A huge bike with about 10 seats on both sides. In the middle is a table or bar. To the group excursion with the beer bike beer is drunk of course.

>>> More info and booking Beer-Bike Prague

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