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The Apple Museum in Prague, in the centre of the city, is the largest private collection of Apple products in the world. You can find almost all historical Apple products in the exhibition, from the foundation of Apple in 1976 until about 2012. For fans of Apple or technology, the Apple Museum Prague is a great sight.

Around 500 of the Group’s products are on display in the Apple Museum in Prague on more than 700 m². These include PC, Macintosh, iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and much more. There are also products from Next and Pixar in the exhibition in Prague. You can also see printers, computer mice …

There is also a good vegan restaurant in the museum called “Stevens Food”. The legendary founder of Apple Steve Job (dead) was a vegan.

>>>  On this link you can find online-tickets for the Apple Museum Prague

Opening hours Apple Museum Prague

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Admission Apple Museum Prague

On site, a ticket for adults costs the equivalent of 12 euros. It is cheaper if you buy your tickets on the Internet beforehand. Adults pay 9 Euro, children and seniors only 3 to 4 Euro. Much cheaper than at the museum box office! >>>  On this link you can find online-tickets for the Apple Museum Prague


Every fan of Apple will love the museum. For some of our friends it was the highlight of their visit to Prague. If you can’t do much with Apple and technology, the museum won’t love you very much.

We found the entrance fee to the Apple Museum Prague a bit high. You should at least buy the cheaper tickets on the internet.

>>>  On this link you can find online-tickets for the Apple Museum Prague


The Apple Museum in Prague is located in the Old Town in a smaller alley. Address: Husova 21, Prague. The exhibition is located west of the main square of the Old Town “Old Town Square Prague“, i.e. in the direction of the Vltava River. Simply enter “Apple Museum Prague” on a map in your smartphone.

Video: Impressions from the Apple Museum Prague (2 min)


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