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St Vitus Cathedral in Prague is the largest and most famous church in the Czech Republic. The cathedral is located on the site of the Castle of Prague. Visitors to St Vitus Cathedral have to pay admission. As a rule, tickets for Prague Castle are also valid for St Vitus Cathedral.

St Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle (outside)
St Vitus Cathedral Prague

Where is St Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague?

The church is located on a hill on the other side of the Vltava River, seen from the city centre. You can walk over the famous Charles Bridge from the Old Town to Prague Castle. St Vitus Cathedral is a central building in the large Prague Castle. According to some statistics, Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world. —>>> More info Prague Castle

Entrance and Tickets St Vitus Cathedral

As far as we know, there are no single tickets that are only valid for the ST Vitus Church. There are only combination tickets for various sights in Prague Castle. These cost about 10 to 15 euros.

Important note: With the Prague Card you can visit Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral free of charge: More Information

Without an entrance ticket, you can enter the large church of the castle, but only visit a small part of it. Tickets are not available directly at the cathedral, but at the cash desks of the Prague Castle. Due to long queues at the cash desk, many visitors to the Prague Castle buy online tickets in advance on the Internet. More information about the various tickets and the possibility to buy online tickets for Prague Castle including St Vitus Cathedral can be found on the great website Getyourguide.

Our tip: Online tickets and guided tours Prague Castle

At Prague Castle you often have to wait in queues for a long time. However, there is a good and simple way to avoid the long waiting times at the castle ticket office: you buy your tickets in advance online on the Internet. These are available on the popular website Getyourguide.

====>>>>>   More information and online-tickets for Prague Castle: Click here

====>>>>>   Very good guided tours Prague Castle in English: Click here

Is it worth visiting the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle?

In our opinion, a visit to Prague Castle is definitely worthwhile. For many Prague tourists this is the highlight of their trip. Like the world-famous Golden Lane, St Vitus Cathedral in Prague is one of the highlights of a visit to Prague Castle. Since the tickets are valid for all major sights in the castle complex, you should definitely visit St Vitus Cathedral in Prague!

St Vitus Church (inside)
In St Vitus Cathedral

When should I visit St Vitus Cathedral?

Long queues often form in front of the cathedral. At certain times several thousand visitors per hour want to go to the church. Especially in summer, on weekends and in the late morning the crowds are high. Then the queue at St. Vitus Cathedral can be several hundred metres long

Most visitors of Prague Castle visit first the St Vitus Cathedral and then other highlights like the Golden Lane Prague (more info here). If you do it the other way round (the Golden Lane in the morning and the Cathedral in the afternoon), we think you won’t have to queue so long for both sights.

Our tip: If you want to wait as little as possible, you should buy your tickets on the internet and visit St Vitus Cathedral in Prague after the other castle attractions.

What is there to see in St Vitus Cathedral in Prague?

The highlight for many visitors to the largest church in the Czech Republic is the Wenceslas chapel, decorated with many precious stones. The national hero Wenceslas of Bohemia is buried in the castle of Prague, in the Czech Republic every child knows him.

The tomb of St. John of Nepomuk is also magnificent. Far more than a ton of silver was used. Besides some German emperors like Maximilian II are buried in the church..

The seven bells are also famous, among them the largest church bell of the Czech Republic hangs in St Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The 16th century Sigismund bell has a diameter of over 2.5 metres and weighs over 14 tons.

Also the cathedral treasure is famous, it is one of the most valuable in Europe. Among the 400 objects in the Cathedral treasure are the Wenceslas helmet, the Wenceslas sword and a reliquary cross of Charles IV.

The windows of the Gothic church should also be seen.

Almost all visitors are impressed by the gigantic dimensions of Prague Cathedral. The veitsdom has a length of 124 meters. The building has an internal height of more than 30 meters – the big tower is 99 meters high. Since the church is located on the castle hill above the city, the St Vitus Cathedral is well visible from the inner city and is a landmark of Prague.

Further information St Vitus Church Prague

– Clothes: According to our impression, there do not seem to be any special clothing regulations in St. Vitus Cathedral. We have seen many visitors in summer with short trousers etc.. Also many visitors have small bags and backpacks with them. These are already partially searched at the entrance of the castle of Prague.

– the Czech name of Prague St. Vitus Cathedral is Katedrála sv. Víta (English is often heard St. Vitus Cathedral)

– The construction of the church began in the 14th century (architectural style: late Gothic). The construction of Prague Cathedral was completed in 1929.

– The crown jewels of Bohemia are also kept in St Vitus Cathedral in Prague. You need 6 different keys to get into the room with the crown jewels. The keys are held by the President of the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister, the Bishop of Prague and the Mayor.

– there’s been a year-long dispute in court over who owns St Vitus’ Cathedral. It was decided in 2007 that the state is the owner of the church and not the Catholic Church.

– Veit (Latin Vitus) is a saint in the Catholic faith and one of the so-called fourteen emergency helpers (saints from late antiquity, about the 3rd and 4th centuries after Christ). Veit was salvaged in Italy in 305 and died as a martyr.

Short Video St Vitus Cathedral Prague

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