Daliborka Prison

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All information about the famous tower Daliborka for tourists

The Daliborka Tower is the former prison of Prague Castle and is now a sight visited by thousands of people every day. The Dalinorka prison tower can only be visited with a general entrance ticket to the castle. The tower is next to the famous Golden Lane. Only through this alley you can get to the Daliborka prison.

Daliborka Prison Tower in Prague Castle
Entrance Daliborka Tower

The best ticket for Prague Castle

The queues at Prague Castle are often hours long, including at the security checkpoint. With a ticket without queuing you save time. The following ticket to the castle costs only around 10 euros on the Internet.

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What do you see in Daliborka prison?

Originally the tower with the thick walls was a cannon tower. It was built around 1500 and soon became the dungeon of Prague Castle. Until 1781 Daliborka was a terrible dungeon and prison where torture was commonplace.

As a tourist you can descend one floor into the former prison of Prague Castle. You can see an exhibition of torture tools (see picture below) and some interesting information boards and the like. Cells of the prisons are also preserved.

There’s a round hole in the middle. The devices with which the prisoners were lowered to lower levels can be seen.

Torture Device
Torture Device

How to get to Daliborka Tower?

The journey to the former castle prison of Prague is only possible on foot. With a ticket for the Prague Castle, which contains the Golden Lane, you can also get to the former Daliborka starvation tower. After visiting the Golden Lane, follow the sign with the inscription EXIT. Immediately after that you stand in front of the Daliborka prison.

Entrance fees Daliborka Tower

Tickets for Prague Castle can be bought in advance on the Internet. We recommend the English the website Getyourguide (see yellow box). As far as we know, all tickets include the Golden Lane and the prison Tower.

Our tip: Online tickets and guided tours Prague Castle

At Prague Castle you often have to wait in queues for a long time. However, there is a good and simple way to avoid the long waiting times at the castle ticket office: you buy your tickets in advance online on the Internet. These are available on the popular website Getyourguide.

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Important note: With the Prague Card you can buy the Prague Castle ink. Daliborka prison for free: More Information

Opening Hours Daliborka Tower

Usually every day from 9 to 17 o’clock. In winter the opening hours of the Golden Lane and the Daliborka Tower are slightly shorter: 9 am to 4 pm. There is no rest day or similar.

Origin Name Daliborka Tower

The first prisoner in the defensive tower of Prague Castle Knight Dalibor of Kozojedy gave the prison its name. “Daliborka” is also an old Czech first name (female, the first name is also known in other Slavic countries).

Common names: Defensive Tower Daliborka, Starvation Tower Daliborka, Dungeon Daliborka, Prison Tower Daliborka. English simple: Daliborka Tower, Czech: Věž Daliborka.

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Daliborka Prison

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