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The Prague Card is a tourist sightseeing card valid for several days. It is available for 2 days, 3 days and 4 days.

With the Prague-Card you have free entrance to almost all important sights in Prague (Prague Castle, Jewish quarters and many, many more). Moreover, all public transport in Prague, including the express bus from the airport, is free of charge. A round trip by bus through the Old Town (duration approx. 2 hours) is also included in the tourist card. There are also many discounts, even in restaurants.

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What are the advantages of the Prague Card?

Great advantages in local transport

Prague’s public transport is not too expensive, but buying tickets has often annoyed us. There are no ticket machines at most bus and tram stops. You can not buy tickets in the bus or tram either. Most tourists buy the tickets in the ticket machines of the subway stations. But first you have to get there. These vending machines only accept Czech coins, not bills. Often you don’t have enough coins, some tickets cost a multiple of the biggest Czech coin. Moreover, you have to understand the tariff system. Some single tickets are only valid for 30 minutes. Often you are not yet at the destination. Controls are frequent and tourists without valid tickets pay a high fine.

These problems when buying tickets are all eliminated with the Prague Card. Just get on and go. Even the express bus between the airport and the city is free.

Free admission to almost all sights

With the Prague Card you save the entrance fees in many big sights. Many highlights in Prague now cost well over 10 euros each.

For example, almost every tourist wants to see the Golden Lane and St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle. The Jewish quarter with its synagogues and the famous cemetery is also part of practically every city trip to Prague. In our opinion, the great Prague Zoo is also worth a visit. It is one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. With the Prague Card almost 50 sights are free of charge.

Important: There is no long and annoying queuing at the cash desk at the entrance at many places of interest. In a way, the Prague Card makes you a first-class tourist.

2 Hours Bus Tour

There is also a free bus tour through the city centre of Prague (duration 2 hours) with the Prague Card. This tour gives you a great overview of the city and its sights. We recommend to do this bus tour at the beginning of your city trip. After the tour you have a first orientation in the foreign city and know better what you want to see and experience.

>>> On this link you get more information and you can buy the Prague Card

What are the disadvantages of the Prague Card?

We actually like the Prague Card very much. The disadvantage, of course, is that it costs money. The card doesn’t pay off for every visitor to Prague. Quite a few tourists pay a few euros more for the Prague Card than the summers of all local transport tickets, entrance fees and so on.

Consideration of advantages and disadvantages

Almost all users of the Prague Card are happy to have bought the Prague Card after their trip. The whole trip costs a lot of money. Whether you save a few euros with the Prague Card or pay on top is not so important:

The big advantage of the Prague Card from our point of view is that you don’t have to buy tickets on the spot, you save a lot of time: without the Prague Card you often have to queue in long queues at the cash desks of the sights. The annoying search for ticket machines andvchange is no longer necessary. Communication, whether with people or vending machines, is often not easy in a foreign language. It is not uncommon tourists buy wrong tickets or tickets that are too expensive.

The Prague Card is especially worthwhile for tourists who are in Prague for a few days and want to visit the important sights of the „Golden City“.

>>> On this link you get more information and you can buy the Prague Card

Where to buy Prague Card?

We recommend buying the Prague Card on the Internet at the well-known Getyorguide website before your trip. It is not always easy to find a reputable sales agency in Prague. In addition, the purchase in Prague costs valuable vacation time. One wants to start immediately after the arrival and not go first to buy the card.

What is included in the Prague Card?

Public transport in Prague

All city buses, trams, subways and the fast buses between the airport and the city.

A popular mountain railway and some ferries on the Vltava River can also be used free of charge.

Approximately 50 sights (free admission):

Some examples:

Prague Castle (with St. Vitus CathedralGolden Lane incl. Kafka HouseDaliborka Prison, Old Royal Palace, St. George Monastery etc.)

The Jewish quarter with Maisel synagogue, about 4 other synagogues, the world-famous Jewish cemetery, the Jewish museum, etc.

The famous Old Prague Town Hall incl. walk to the Town Hall Tower: from above you have a magnificent view over the Old Town.

Vysehrad Castle: Many buildings and sights in the interesting castle south of the city centre.

Apple Museum Prague: Great high-tech museum, for some visitors the highlight among Prague’s museums

Beer Museum Prague: Very famous, one of our insider tips

Kafka Museum Prague: Near Charles Bridge (Lesser Town)

National Museum of the Czech Republic: The Great Museum on Wenceslas Square is currently (summer 2018) being modernised.

Prague City Museum

Some more museums like the exciting Police Museum Prague

Town house with concert hall

Powder Tower in the old town

Zoo of Prague: One of the best zoos in Europe. It is just outside the city centre, but easy to reach with Prague’s exemplary public transport system.

Take the mountain railway up to the Petrin mountain: the local people’s excursion destination. At the top you can take the Prague Card to a lookout tower, visit an observatory or a mirror maze. All free of charge with the Prague Card!

These are just examples. The Prague Card includes many more sights!

Don’t forget the 2-hour bus tour through Prague’s old town.

There are also other discounts such as river cruises, restaurants and much more.

>>> On this link you get more information and you can buy the Prague Card

No hotel in Prague yet?

There are several thousand hotels in and around Prague. In our opinion the best overview is at Here you can sort the accommodations according to price or you can display only accommodations in certain parts of the city. The hotels can be booked quickly and easily on, there are also holiday apartments and simple hostels.


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