Wax museum of legends Prague

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The Wax Museum of Legends Prague is a wax museum. Prominent people from history and the present are depicted realistically and deceptively as figures made of wax. Visitors of the Wax Museum can stand next to the celebrities and take photos.

Entrance fees and tickets Wax Museum Prague 2023

Adults pay around 16 euros admission to the Wax Museum of Legends Prague, seniors, pupils and students a few euros less. Children over 5 years old also pay an entrance fee of over 10 euros.


Description Wax Museum of Legends Prague

You can see over 100 celebrities from the Czech Republic and worldwide stars. All in real size. As in all wax museums, the figures look deceptively real. One has the impression of actually standing in front of the stars. Taking pictures with the celebrities is the highlight for many visitors to the Wax Museum Prague.

Among the exhibited people in the Prague Wax Museum of Legends are for example Michael Jackson, George Clooney, Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, Mozart, Brad Pitt, Karel Gott and many more.

Opening hours Wax Museum of Legends Prague

The Prague wax figures can be viewed from 11 am to 7 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays even until 9 pm.

How to get to the Wax Museum Prague

The exhibition is located in Celetna street. This street is the main pedestrian street of Prague and connects Powder Tower and Old Town Square.

It is about 200 meters to the Mustek metro station on the famous Wenceslas Square. (Metro lines A and B).

Next to the Wax Museum Prague is the Chocolate Museum Prague.

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