Prague Central Station

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Prague Central Station is the largest railway station in the Czech Republic. It is a good kilometre away from the central square Prague Old Town Square in the Old Town and a few hundred metres from the large square of New Town, Wenceslas Square Prague.

In Czech, Prague Central Station is called “Praha Hlavni Nadrazi” which means Prague Central Station.

In the front area of the large station hall there are several shops and access to the underground. The red line C of the Prague subway stops at the main station Prague in the basement.

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The ticket counters are in the back. If you drive up the escalator, you will come to a tunnel that leads to the individual tracks. The tracks can be reached by elevators. In the upper floor there are more shops and snacks, among others a Burger King. A branch of subway is on the lower floor.

You can shop cheaply at a Billa supermarket in Prague Central Station. The supermarket is open daily, even on Sundays, from 7 am to 11 pm (during the week even at 6 am).

Below at the entrance there is a good shop on the left, which also offers cheap, fresh baked goods. In summer there are stalls with good fast food from different countries (like India and Mexico) in front of the train station.

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The queues at Prague Castle are often hours long, including at the security checkpoint. With a ticket without queuing you save time. The following ticket to the castle costs only around 10 euros on the Internet.

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There are direct trains from Prague main station to Germany, e.g. to Munich via Regensburg or to Berlin via Dresden. There are also several trains a day to Austria (Vienna and Graz). Other international trains run, for example, to Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Virtually every major city in the Czech Republic can be reached directly by train from Prague Central Station.The subway is, as I said, in the basement. If you walk out of the main entrance and then turn right, after about 100 meters you will reach a large tram stop with many connections. Many suburban trains (such as the S-Bahn, called Esko in the Czech Republic) also depart from Prague Central Station. A total of 600 trains depart from Prague Central Station every day. On an average day, the largest railway station in the Czech Republic has about 70,000 passengers.

Video overview Prague Central Station (about 5 min)


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