Klausen Synagogue

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The Klausen Synagogue is one of the many preserved synagogues with the former Jewish quarter of Prague Josefov. It is located next to the famous Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague. Another Synagogue is also located directly at the cemetery, but the Pinkas Synagogue Prague is located on the opposite side of the cemetery.

The Klausen Synagogue was completed at the end of the 17th century. It is the only surviving Baroque synagogue in Prague. All other baroque synagogues were later demolished. The building is considered to be the largest preserved synagogue in Prague.

Almost all tourists have a combined ticket for all Jewish sights in Prague (more info). You usually first visit the Pinkas Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery. If you walk through the exit of the cemetery you are almost at the entrance to the Klausen Synagogue and also almost at the entrance to the neighbouring building Ceremony Hall.

Today in the Klausen Synagogue there is a small exhibition about Jewish life in Josefov in past centuries. There is also an exhibition in the Ceremony Hall next door. This can also be entered with a combined ticket for the Jewish Josefov. You can find more information about the ticket on our page about Josefov.

 Important: Guided tours and Prague Card Jewish Quarter Josefov

Since things are quite difficult to understand, we recommend a good guide through the Jewish Josefov. You should book this in advance on the Internet (duration about 2.5 hours), as the capacities are limited.     >>>  Link with more information and booking

With the great Prague Card the entrance to the Jewish sights is free of charge. The Prague Card is a tourist ticket with free entry to many sights in Prague and much more.  >>> On this link you can find the Prague Card and more  information.

The Klausen Synagogue is the largest, but for a long time only the second most important synagogue of the Josefstadt. The main synagogue has always been the oldest synagogue in Europe, the Altneu-Synagoge.Before the Klausen Synagogue was built in the 17th century, there were several Jewish teaching houses (so-called Klausen) on the site. However, they fell victim to a great fire in Josefov. The synagogue was named after the old Klausen.

Czech: Klausová synagoga ; English: Klausen Synagogue

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