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The 216 meter high TV Tower is the tallest building in Prague. It was built from 1985 to 1992. So the plan is still from the time of socialism, the completion was after the fall of communism. As a visitor, you can take an elevator to the top of the tower for about 10 euros. You have a great view from the top over all of Prague and the surrounding area. Depending on the weather, you can see up to 70 kilometers away.

Prague’s TV tower is very controversial. Many locals do not like the building, some would like to tear down the TV Tower in the district of Žižkov (Prague 3).

In an election, Prague’s TV Tower was voted the second ugliest building in the world. “Winner”, that is, even uglier, in the election was only the Morris A. Mechanic Theater, a playhouse in Baltimore, USA.

The observation deck that visitors can go up to is at 93 meters. This is still in the lower half of the tower, but you can see a lot. There is almost nothing higher in Prague. You can’t go out, but you can look in all directions through glass windows.

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You can see the nearby main train station and the city center behind it. On the observation platform (Observatory) are some binoculars, which you can use for free.

There are sofas and comfortable swivel chairs. Everything is behind windows in rooms, you can not go out. In the middle of the observation deck is a small cinema with a film about Prague TV Tower.

Going up by elevator costs 250 crowns (almost exactly 10 euros). The elevator is very fast, only 38 seconds. There were no waits during our visit, neither at the ticket office nor at the elevator up and down. Status of prices: Early 2022

Opening hours of the TV Tower Prague and pullout to the observation deck: every day from 9 am to 8 pm.

In addition, a few meters below the Observatory deck there is a restaurant and a hotel with great views.

Also from our point of view, the architecture of the Prague TV Tower is ugly. In recent years, they have tried to make something like a small amusement park out of the area. There is a large mini-golf course, an ice-skating rink in winter, and lanes for pétanque (a kind of boules game originating in France). There is also a congress center, a garden restaurant and a small park.

The Prague TV Tower has several names. Praguers often call it Žižkov TV Tower or TV Tower Žižkov. Of course, one also hears Prague TV Tower. Officially, the facility is now called Tower Park Prague. However, the simplest name is still Prague TV Tower.

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