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The tram is the most important means of public transport in Prague. The network is almost 150 km long, the “Tramvaj” is very popular with locals and tourists.

The tram operates mainly in the city centre and in the districts close to the city centre. Besides the three underground lines, the tram is the most important means of public transport in Prague. You can reach almost all important sights by tram.

All vehicles are red and white. The same colours are used for public buses and the metro.

The first time to use the Prague tram

You have to buy tickets before boarding: Unfortunately, at most tram stops there is no ticket sale (not even in the tram or at the driver’s). There are tickets in the vending machines in all underground stations and in most tobacco shops. If you are using a ticket for the first time (also time tickets for 24 hours or 72 hours), you have to validate it at the yellow boxes in the tram (see picture below) (in the underground stations the devices are at the entrance). You put the ticket in the box, you hear a sound and the ticket is stamped.

Validity Tickets Prague Tram: All tickets are valid in the metro, tram and city buses, even to Prague Airport normal local transport tickets are valid. Change is allowed.

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No hotel in Prague yet?

There are several thousand hotels in and around Prague. In our opinion the best overview is at Here you can sort the accommodations according to price or you can display only accommodations in certain parts of the city. The hotels can be booked quickly and easily on, there are also holiday apartments and simple hostels.

Tickets and fares Prague tram

The tickets are very cheap for a big city in Europe.

Single tickets are available for 30 minutes (24 koruna, about 95 cents) or for 32 koruna (90 minutes, about 1.25 euros).

There are also day tickets (valid 24 hours) and 3-day tickets (valid 72 hours).

The ticket for 24 hours costs 110 crowns (about 4.30 Euro). So the 24 hour ticket costs more than 4 single tickets for 30 minutes. It is only worth it if you use public transport at least 5 times in 24 hours.

The 3-day ticket for Prague costs 310 koruna (a good 12 euros), i.e. only 20 crowns less than 3 day tickets.

Buy our tip tickets in advance: There are not ticket machines at all stops. However, you can buy tickets in advance. The tickets have to be stamped when you use them. Another sensible strategy for tourists is to simply buy a 3-day ticket (72-hour ticket). Then you don’t have to worry about buying tickets for a few days.

Important note: With the Prague Card you can go sightseeing free of charge: More Information

By the way: As far as we know, you need at least a 90-minute ticket to the airport.

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New Tram Prague
New Tram

Public transport Prague to the airport

Local transport to Prague Airport: Unfortunately, there is no rail transport to Prague Airport (i.e. no trains, subways or trams). Often the airport bus is the only bus we use on the whole trip to Prague. Within the city we almost always take a tram or the metro.

Great film (documentary tram Prague)

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