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Are you looking for something special for an evening in Prague? Here is our tip: Take part in a medieval dinner with unlimited drinks (including alcohol) and a great show program.

Such medieval dinner (also sometimes called knight dinner in other places) are now available in many restaurants in Central Europe – also in Germany. However, food like in the Middle Ages in Prague has a particularly good reputation. The ratings on the Internet by participants are also better than in most other medieval restaurants in Germany.

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What will the medieval dinner in Prague offer?

On the one hand there is of course a 5-course menu. You can choose between different menus, including vegetarian, vegan, etc. We recommend the pork version.

In addition there are free drinks for several hours. There is wine, beer and non-alcoholic. Drinks are served quickly and in the desired quantity in Prague, which is not the case with all medieval restaurants.

The show program is consistently rated very positively by participants. There will be be belly dancers, sword fighters and artists. Very entertaining!

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When and where is the Prague medieval dinner?

The dinner with show is almost every evening. You can book on the Internett. You meet with an employee in the centre of Prague at 19:30 at a monument near Charles Bridge and then walk to the medieval dinner. The whole thing takes about 3 hours.

What is the price for the medieval dinner in Prague?

The whole event costs 46 Euro per person (January 2019) with unlimited drinks (including alcohol), 5-course meals and the show. In our opinion this is reasonable and cheaper than most other medieval meals in Germany and other countries in Europe.

>>> Click here: Link to booking and further information medieval dinner Prague

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